"She is a powerhouse of a performer."

"Gibson has the soul of a comedienne. With one pelvic thrust and a properly timed yawn, she deftly solicits raucous laughter."

"Gibson wields her words with the confidence of a seasoned freestyle jazz performer."



"Regina is an accomplished actor, with a fluid style that lends itself perfectly to the rhymes and rhythms in this brilliant piece. The lightness of her delivery is in fine contrast to the depth of her subject matter."

"It’s masterful writing, delivered with a gorgeous smile, and her luminous eyes glitter as she gambols about the stage, as fluid as a nymph."

"Her engaging performance is like a glass of fine wine, with deep undertones and delicious top notes."



"Fabulous! Smart, funny, moving, irreverent, relevant…So engaging and specific. "

Jena Necrason- Head of Movement at Stella Adler Studios

"Really engaging and the material was handled beautifully"

Brady Adair- Actor


"I was very impressed with the quality of the writing, the ease of performance and the material was sexy, charming and fun"

Mel House- Actor


"Radiant & funny & entertaining.  Bawdy! Years ago I bemoaned the fact that bawdiness had seemed to desert the theater.  Sex, sure!  But either serious or clinical.  Eros is all those things, but it is also bawdy, as our ancestors knew."

James Ross Jernigan- Playwright